Frequent Questions

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What is floating?

Floating is not so much a "thing" as it is a highly calibrated environment.  Think of it like the perfect bathtub. 

The tub is 8 feet long by 5 feet wide.  There is 10 inches of water filled with 800 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt, and the water and the air in the cabin is heated to the same temperature as your skin.  The temperature of the air/water tricks the receptors in your skin, causing your sense of touch to disappear as you become one with the water.
The epsom salt makes the water incredibly buoyant and takes away about 80% of your body weight providing a sense of weightlessness while you're floating. It's so buoyant you can sleep on the surface of the water.

Each float suite is completely lightproof and soundproof, with the option to have ambient music and lighting playing while you are floating.

Floating is an amazing tool for the mind and body.  We have many clients who use floating to help with burnout, anxiety, depression, ptsd, and other mental health issues.  In addition, floating is commonly used for physical conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, injury recovery, physical therapy, or any other chronic pain issues.

Is floating safe?

Floating is very safe! The water is extremely buoyant, and it will support you 100%. The float environment is also extremely sanitary. You can rest assured that you are safe and sound when you float with us!

How are the pools cleaned?

We take cleanliness very seriously!

We are regulated by the Cass County Health Department.

Float pools are comparable to commercial pools or hot tubs, in the sense that we use filtration and sanitization to keep the environment clean.  What separates floating from pools and hot tubs is that you are the only one in the water as opposed to sharing the water with others. The water is sanitized for each and every client!

The water in our float pools is absolutely immaculate. We use three levels of sanitation:

1. We have 800 pounds of epsom salt in the water which is a natural sanitizer, and it is almost impossible for any harmful pathogens to survive such a salty environment. 

2. We use hydrogen peroxide as an additional sanitizer in the water.

3. To top it all off we use an ozone filtration system. Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizers in existence, and the only byproduct it leaves is oxygen so its completely safe. 

Our system cycles 100% of the water multiple times between float sessions, going above and beyond state health requirements.  These three levels combine to ensure that the water is pristine for each and every client. We also sanitize the entire cabin and tub multiple times per week.

The float environment is about as sanitary as can possibly be!

Can I really float effortlessly? What if I fall asleep?

Yes, you absolutely can float effortlessly! The water is twice as buoyant as the dead sea, and will safely support your body. If you happen to fall asleep, you can simply enjoy the coolest nap of your life!

What if I'm claustrophobic?

We have many clients who are claustrophobic and enjoy floating. Floating works on a physiological level to shift your body into a deep state of relaxation which turns down the stress response that would normally be brought on by confined spaces. It may also help to know that you are in complete control of your experience. You may exit the pool whenever you wish. We are very confident you will enjoy your float, and we recommend to give it a try!

Do I wear a swimsuit?

No swimsuit needed! You float in your "birthday suit" like you would in your bathtub at home. You have complete privacy in your float suite.

Do I need to bring anything

Everything necessary to float is provided in your float suite so you don't NEED to bring anything with you to enjoy your float session. However, consider bringing a hair brush with you for after your float.

Can I float while I'm pregnant?

Floating is completely safe for expectant mothers. We have many clients who float during their pregnancy as it provides safe and natural relief from the physical and mental stress pregnancy adds to a woman’s body and mind. Bear in mind that every pregnancy is different so don't consider this medical advice. If you have any specific concerns, please speak to your doctor.

Won't the salt dry out my skin?

On the contrary, epsom salt is extremely nourishing! Your skin and hair will feel incredibly soft after your float.