Onnit Supplements

Salt20 is proud to carry the Onnit supplement line. Many people are familiar with Joe Rogan and his message about the mind/body connection. We are pleased to carry his supplements that are especially focused on brain and digestive health and are made from completely natural ingredients. We believe that keeping our minds and bodies healthy and strong is crucial to our success and wellbeing in life. 

Alpha Brain

This supplement has been clinically studied and has been shown to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed. If mental performance is one of your goals for coming to our spa, this is the supplement for you. 


Taking New MOOD is great for unwinding after a long day at work, or helping erase some of your occasional daily stresses. New MOOD is like a deep breath and a smile in a bottle. If you are coming to us to work on improving your emotional wellbeing, this is the perfect addition to your self-care plan.

Instant Melatonin Spray

Sometimes the stresses and worries of the day can make it tough to sleep. With Instant Melatonin Spray in Lavender or Mint, you can spray either flavor and send your body the signal that it’s time to rest. Melatonin is nature’s sleep aid and is the key to normal sleep cycles.

Total Gut Health

This supplement provides your digestive system with the four most important key ingredients: prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and HCI. Healthy gut flora has been linked with not just digestive health, but also optimal brain function and a healthy immune system. 

Earth Grown Nutrients

Providing all-in-one healthy greens and natural herbs, Earth Grown Nutrients helps to supplement the greens that we all need in our daily diets. Feeding your body vegetables like Jerusalem artichoke and broccoli sprouts, this drink mix will fortify your body and encourage a healthy glow from the inside out.

Fulvic Minerals

Harvested from deep in the Himalayas, this incredible foundation of nutrition and nutrient absorption will help you feel stronger and healthier. Many athletes and even those who just like to stay healthy have discovered the benefits of supplementing their diets with hard to find fulvic acid. This special supplement helps with overall health, and particularly gut, skin and brain health.





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