Can I float while I’m pregnant?

Floating is completely safe for expectant mothers. It provides safe, natural relief from the added physical and mental stress pregnancy adds to a woman’s body. Pregnant women can float on their stomachs or backs, and different positions help resolve specific issues. 


Will I feel claustrophobic? 

At Salt20, you’ll be able to float in your own private room. Unlike many other float spas that offer more traditional tanks or pods, our rooms have open float cabins within our float rooms so the experience is more like taking a bath. You’ll get all the benefits of floating without having to worry about feeling claustrophobic. 


If I fall asleep, could I drown? 

The short answer is no. Floating is very relaxing, and it’s okay to fall asleep. Our float pools contain under a foot of water, and the salt concentration is so high that you will naturally float even if you turn or move. 


Will I get bored?

If it’s your first time floating you may feel a bit restless at first. Our minds are so used to stimulation that the serenity of floating can be an adjustment. But after a few minutes your mind will relax. Even people with the shortest attention spans have reported positive results.  


Is the water clean?

The water is very clean. Salt2O float pools contain a very high concentration of salt, which makes for a sterile solution. We comply with all safety and health regulations laid out by the state and the American Float Tank Association, and all water is purified between each float session. 



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