What is 'floating'?

Floating is not so much a "thing" as it is a highly calibrated environment.  Think of it like the perfect bathtub.  The tub is 8 feet long by 5 feet wide.  There is 10 inches of water filled with 800 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt, and the water and the air in the cabin is heated to the same temperature as your skin. 

The temperature of the air/water causes you to lose your sense of touch, the buoyancy of the water takes away about 80% of your body weight so you feel almost completely weightless while your floating.  These two characteristics make you feel as if your body disappears while floating.  Each room is completely lightproof and soundproof, but you have the option of keeping the lights and music on in the float cabin if you so choose.

We live in a world where our minds and bodies are under constant stress and continual stimulation.  This wreaks havoc on our mental and physical well being.  Floating allows your mind and body to hit the reset button, and it is the real deal!  The great thing about floating is that it acts on a physiological level, putting you in an incredibly deep, dream like state.  It is the epitome of serenity.  Also, getting away from the stress of gravity does wonders for your skeletal structure and muscles as they can truly take a break for the first time ever in life.

Floating is an amazing tool for stress relief, and general physical recovery.  We also have many clients who use floating to treat anxiety, depression, ptsd, and other mental health issues.  In addition, we also have many clients who use floating to treat physical conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, injury recovery, physical therapy, or any other chronic pain issues.

Floating is truly an amazing experience, that offers you something different each and every time you float.


Is the water clean?

Water cleanliness is one of the most common questions we get, so you're in good company. We firs want to highlight that we are regulated by the Cass County Health Department, and we go above and beyond all regulations.  The float tub is similar to a pool or hot tub in regards to water change.  We use filtration and sanitation as opposed to changing the water between each client.  The difference is, it is only 'you' in the water and the environment is sanitized before you step foot in the water.  

The water is absolutely immaculate. We use three levels of sanitation. We have 800 pounds of epsom salt in the water which is a natural sanitizer, and it is almost impossible for any harmful pathogens to survive such a salty environment.

We also use hydrogen peroxide as an additional sanitizer in the water, and to top it all off we use an ozone filtration system which is one of the most powerful oxidizers in existence, and the only by product it leaves is oxygen so its completely safe. These three levels combine to ensure that the water is pristine for each and every client. We also sanitize the entire cabin and tub multiple times per week.

We take cleanliness VERY seriously, so we want you to feel at ease when you float at Salt2o Float Spa.  We are on top of things! :)


Can I float while I’m pregnant?

Floating is completely safe for expectant mothers. It provides safe, natural relief from the added physical and mental stress pregnancy adds to a woman’s body. Pregnant women can float on their stomachs or backs, and different positions help resolve specific issues. 


Will I feel claustrophobic? 

At Salt20, you’ll be able to float in your own private room. Unlike many other float spas that offer more traditional tanks or pods, our rooms have open float cabins within our float rooms so the experience is more like taking a bath. You’ll get all the benefits of floating without having to worry about feeling claustrophobic. 


If I fall asleep, could I drown? 

The short answer is no. Floating is very relaxing, and it’s okay to fall asleep. Our float pools contain under a foot of water, and the salt concentration is so high that you will naturally float even if you turn or move. 


Will I get bored?

If it’s your first time floating you may feel a bit restless at first. Our minds are so used to stimulation that the serenity of floating can be an adjustment. But after a few minutes your mind will relax. Even people with the shortest attention spans have reported positive results.  



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